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Lawrence Pizzi Comes to Buffalo for Designer Bootcamp 101 | Arts & Culture

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Lawrence Pizzi Comes to Buffalo for Designer Bootcamp 101
Lawrence Pizzi Comes to Buffalo for Designer Bootcamp 101

Designer Bootcamp 101 hits the road Nov 2012 offering mini workshops and seminars for emerging fashion designers and Models. One of the Instructors Lawrence Pizzi gives an interview on who benefits from Designer Bootcamp 101 and Model Bootcamp 101.

Tammy Beckman: What is Designer Bootcamp 101?

Lawrence Pizzi: Designer Bootcamp 101 is a special Class help to help explain the fashion industry to new and/or emerging designers. There are many things one learns in school, but the subjects discussed in these classes build on what one learned and applies them to real life, Many mistakes cost time and money, and in fashion I have seen several companies close because mistakes kept them from ever reaching market.

Tammy Beckman: Who should attend?

Lawrence Pizzi: This is for EVERYBODY who has started a fashion line/brand/company - and not just clothing... This is also a wonderful way for people who think they may want to

Tammy Beckman What can designers look forward too?Start a fashion company to come and see what it takes (money, time, responsibilities, legalities, and much more). This would also help young high school students And their parents - see what fashion is really about.

Lawrence Pizzi: Designers can count on the "TRUTH" - actual honest stories and ways one can save themselves from legal and financial mess and can sleep at nights (or will spend sleepless Nights catching up with what they need to have before opening their doors to buyers). They will have access to what I have seen and lived - fashion in Asia, North and South Americas, Europe, and Australia.... Started in the 80's I have seen the industry change and evolve into what it is today and what is it becoming tomorrow.

Tammy Beckman: What are some of the topic?

Lawrence Pizzi: The biggest over all theme is Branding/Lifestyle... I always ask my students in FIT - would your client pay the price for the garment you are offering. AND does it fit in their life!!! From pricing, we explore the complete life cycle of a garment from the drawing all the way to the closet in your bedroom (and even back to the earth). The workshops are designed to - Finding Buyers - Getting your samples to market - Production verses Sampling (SS, Dups, PP, TOP) - Following the money flow (straight out the door) - Fit and Proportion - What Trade Shows are for you - PR and understanding why you might need to pay $50,000 to a stylist to have your dress worn, and so much more.

Tammy Beckman: Now you are a Professor at FIT as well as a designer tell us more and how should designer prepare?

Lawrence Pizzi: Most importantly I strongly believe designers should work for other designers - on products they would one day want to make themselves, and make mistakes with other peoples' money. That is why they start you at a low salary (knowing you will cost them in mistakes). Once you are ready - or have already started a line, bring in everything you have (paperwork or laptop along with your best 2-3 samples, and any design/idea journals)...

Tammy Beckman: Now you offer One on One consultation that is called Master class explain that and what can designers expect?

Lawrence Pizzi: This will be a One-On-One with me, and the only stupid question will be the one you don't ask! This is when I can focus in on You, Your Label, and Your Product and give you answers that are special for you. I have had garments hanging is Barneys NY, as well as Macys, and even Wal-Mart, JCP, Target, and Sams... and each price tear has their own set of rules one needs to respect. I helped build Alexander Wang from sweaters into a complete lifestyle BRAND; Brian Reyes build a silk empire, and Make Elise Overland the Queen of Trendy Leather... All of which won CFDA awards for best designers. There are retro labels I help design and market that sell out of Kitson, Lisa Klein. Fred Segal and countless high profile retailers in LA, NYC, Milan, Paris, Hong Kong, Dubai, and more.

Tammy Beckman: Now in addition to Designer Bootcamp 101 you are also offering Model bootcamp 101 tell us about that and what Model can walk with?

Lawrence Pizzi: All models want you be runway models and when I remind them that they are 5'8" - they respond with the idea of changing the industry. Well, runway samples are made for models who are 6' + because these samples not only walk the runway, but they fly around for editorial shoots and models with the same proportions are casted. Runway models work only 2 times a year for a little over 1 month each time. They end up traveling to NYC, then London, Milan, and Paris (paying for all the airfare and hotel and food them selves)... They end up with skin that is dried out, and damaged, Feet that are a mess, and hair that has been Burned, Dyed, Weaved, Waxed, and Bleached DAILY!!!

There are many other modeling fields one can choose and work all year around with out putting them selves and their body’s though agonizing stress.

Tammy Beckman: What are some of the misconceptions of Fashion Industry you hope to address in Bootcamp?

Lawrence Pizzi: Fashion is an industry that makes money!!!! The art is a small part of the equation, and the Glamour is non-existing. There is a lot of paperwork one needs to have and get from other people in order to do business. And there are Legal Issues that regulate fashion and garments that NO ONE is immune to... And let's not forget the IRS, they need to get paid regardless of weather you are making money or not.

This bootcamp is designed to help new designers build a business that they can run properly and grow for a prosperous future. Yes it will be hard work, but just keep in mind... in 2012 the Italian Leather Trade will be shipping to the USA 25 Billion US Dollars in shoes ALONE!!!! This does not include all the shoes from France, Spain, and Germany - Italy Alone. These shoes need a lot of outfits! There is money out there for fashion even in an economy like this one. For booking mini workshops or seminars email getthebuzz716@gmail.com

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