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Western New Yorkers Asking Where’s the Snow? | Commentary

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Western New Yorkers Asking Where’s the Snow?
Western New Yorkers Asking Where’s the Snow?

Jokingly known in some circles across the country as the ‘Snow Capital of America’, Buffalo, NY is certainly looking to break its namesake this winter.

To-date our city has managed to fight off its first snowflakes until December 2nd, a feat that fell just one day short of a record that was set back in 1899.

In addition, we’ve also had only 2.8” of snow recorded so far this month which pales in comparison to last year’s total of 18.7” by December 13th. 

Granted, last year we had a fluke snowstorm that shut down the Thruway, but such little snow is not the norm around our great city and certainly the 52 degree temperatures in mid-December is highly unusual as well, so what gives?

According to the National Weather Service, the majority of the disparities are the cause of an unusual Jet Stream pattern that is bringing arctic air to cities along the west coast and allowing warm Gulf air to extend its way up the east coast.

This pattern has subsequently allowed cities in Arizona and New Mexico to record more snow that our city this year, a pattern that is unlikely to change over the next few weeks.

While there is no guarantee of a ‘White Christmas’, experts are quick to point out that this winter could still play catch-up.  After-all, there is an unusually warm lake sitting on our doorstep.

What are your thoughts on this year’s lack of snow?  Are you happy, sad or just plain indifferent?  Let us know in the comments section below. 

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