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Jacobs Unveils New “Self-Serve Kiosks” at Auto Bureaus

Jacobs Unveils New “Self-Serve Kiosks” at Auto Bureaus

Says technology will decrease lines and wait times

Erie County, NY – In his continued effort to utilize technology to improve customer service, Erie County Clerk Chris Jacobs announced today the roll-out of Self-Serve Kiosks at the three main auto bureaus. “Similar to what you see at the airport, these kiosks allow you to by-pass the customer service window and print out a wait-time receipt on your own,” said Jacobs.

Jacobs’ says the Kiosks are a result of a “re-engineering study” done in the auto bureau in an effort to improve customer service and revenue. “The study found that customers are often waiting longer in the customer service line then they are waiting to be serviced by a cashier…the kiosks will be a powerful tool to decrease the customer service queue,” stated Jacobs.

WNY Ford Dealers Announce 2013 Ford Friendship Express Van Recipients at Buffalo Auto Show

WNY Ford Dealers Announce 2013 Ford Friendship Express Van Recipients at Buffalo Auto Show

BUFFALO, NY – Earlier today at the 2013 Buffalo Auto Show, three local nonprofit organizations - Buffalo Museum of Science, Cantalician Center for Learning, and The Family Help Center - joined a list of more than 68 groups that have received new Ford passenger vans, compliments of the Western New York Ford Dealers and its Ford Friendship Express program.

Senator Kennedy Calls for Senate Hearing on Future of Buffalo Skyway

With the DOT planning to spend over $110M in maintenance, Kennedy calls for hearing to ensure DOT's plan considers long-term best interest of Buffalo

Kennedy says removal of Skyway will provide economic boost to Buffalo and cost-savings for taxpayers; calls for hearing to examine DOT's future plans

Kennedy: Skyway's Sky-high Maintenance Costs Make it a Bad Investment

School Bus Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility

School Bus Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility

Rural/Metro offers tips to parents, kids and drivers to ensure a safe return to school

Buffalo, NY (August 30, 2012) – As summer draws to a close and thousands of students across Western New York head back to school, parents can help their children make the return smoothly and safely.

Buffalo-based Rural/Metro Medical Services and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) offer parents these six school bus safety tips to share with their kids:

Walk, Don’t Run

Just as there’s no running in the hallways at school, no running to the bus stop either. Leave 5-10 minutes early so you’re not rushed and use sidewalks whenever possible. Otherwise walk on the left, facing traffic.

Safety at the Stop

Airmail - Made In Buffalo - 1873

Airmail - Made In Buffalo - 1873

Buffalo NY- 1873    

   Perhaps the most enigmatic of all American stamps, the "Buffalo" balloon stamp is certainly among the premier rarities in aerophilately. This stamp begs the question, “What is an airmail stamp?” Described variously as “experimental,” “semi-official,” “a carrying label,” and even as a vignette or cinderella, the fact remains that it was the first of its kind ever issued. Since it was privately issued for use with a standard U.S. postal service 3-cent stamp to pay for air handling of a mailed piece, it was (if one includes both private and government issues) the world’s first airmail stamp.

    The stamp is an accurate representation of the enormous 92,000 cubic foot “Buffalo” balloon of Professor Samuel Archer King (1828-1914).  The Buffalo balloon launched from Nashville, Tennessee, on June 18, 1877, and dropped a number of covers, probably in containing envelopes or drop bags sewn to brightly colored nine-foot streamers. After a Gallatin, Tennessee, landing, there was a second flight the next morning. There were also other, later flights of the "Buffalo", and covers could have been flown on any of those flights.

    Few if any Buffalonians realize not only was the balloon named, honoring this city, "Which has shown so much interest in Aeronautics"(S.A. King), it was actually built right here in Buffalo, probably the first aircraft ever built in this city. I’ve found no earlier record of such an event. More importantly to note, it was built in what we now know as "Canalside" downtown on the corner of Prime and Llyod Streets, in the Aetna Insurance building. There should be a marker commemorating this event.

Move Over Law Reminder

Move Over Law Reminder

A statement from the Niagara County Sheriff Office:

Sheriff James R. Voutour is reminding everyone of the “Move Over” law that took effect January 1, 2011. The law requires motorists to move over or slow down when approaching a parked authorized emergency vehicle with emergency lights flashing. This legislation honors the memory of Trooper Ambrose and Deputy Searles, who lost their lives while serving the public. Trooper Robert Ambrose was burned alive inside his vehicle when his patrol car was rear-ended by a sports utility vehicle traveling over 80 miles per hour. Deputy Glenn Searles died from injuries he suffered when assisting a stranded motorist, a second car struck him, pinning him against his patrol vehicle. Beginning January 1, 2012, the “Mover Over” law was expanded to cover hazard vehicles, such as tow trucks, HELP trucks, highway maintenance trucks and any other vehicle being used in the construction or maintenance of roadways that has an amber light.

Grisanti Announces Senate Passage of Tough Auto Insurance Fraud Measures

Senator Mark Grisanti (R-60) announced that the New York Senate passed three bills to combat auto insurance fraud which costs New Yorkers more than $1 billion a year, as well as legislation that would impose stronger criminal penalties for staging auto accidents.  Recently, high profile cases have uncovered massive crime rings incorporating doctors, lawyers, and scam artists who stage accidents and use New York's no-fault insurance program as their own personal ATM machine.  In Brooklyn, 16 people were arrested and charged with intentionally causing a dozen accidents involving unsuspecting motorists between 2009 and 2011 and then submitting fraudulent insurance claims that defrauded insurance companies for $400,000.