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On Saturday Love Will Conquer Cancer For Buffalo Couple

BUFFALO, NY - "I didn't want to get to close. I was afraid because I didn't know what could happen," said Sarah Laurent of Buffalo on the eve of her wedding, recalling her feelings when she began falling in love with Chad Gorlewski.

Like many other couples, Chad and Sarah spent part of the the night before their nuptials at a rehearsal practicing the steps they'll be taking on their big day.

The difference for them, perhaps, is all the steps they had to take to even get here.

The couple, who will marry Saturday at First United Church of Christ on Clinton Street, had known each other for nearly a decade through their jobs, working concession stands at HSBC Arena.

But it wasn't until 2008 when they began dating.

One Week Later, Patrons Return To Downtown Bars & Restaurants

BUFFALO, N.Y. - Exactly one week after a gunman shot eight people outside of the City Grill, many patrons returned to Downtown Buffalo's bars and restaurants undaunted by the violence.

"I believe in this city," said bride-to-be Cameron Stelmach, as she held rehearsal dinner at the City Grill. "I bought a house in this city. I'm having my wedding in this city. And so I want more people to see the good side of this city."

While it may take weeks, if not longer, to get a true sense of how the murder of four partygoers might affect business for bar and restaurant owners, many of the Friday club goers sounded determined not to let the violence affect their lives.

REPORTER: Does it concern you at all that there was some violence down here?

STELMACH: It doesn't really concern me that it was down here. I really think that was a random act of violence. I don't think it reflects the neighborhood at all.

Reward Offer Now $20,000 in City Grill Shootings

BUFFALO, NY-- As joint funeral services are held for the two female victim's from the City Grill shooting, Shawntia McNeil and Tiffany Wilhite, a reward is now being offered to track down the person or persons responsible for the tragedy.

Friday, various community members and others are contributing from their own pockets to a newly established reward fund now totaling $20,000 

Some of the reward contributions have come from:

ECMC Nurse Beaten, Patient Charged

BUFFALO, NY-A nurse at the Erie County Medical Center is recovering from injuries she suffered from a beating, allegedly at the hands of a patient at the hospital.

Terrance Caldwell, 22, of Theodore Street in Buffalo, is charged with assault with intent to cause serious physical injury. According to the police report, Caldwell attacked the woman at the 11th floor nursing station which is the hospital's emergency psychiatric unit . He's accused of repeatedly punching the nurse in the face; and then when she fell to the floor, kicking her. The report says he also allegedly choked her and hit her with a phone receiver.

The nurse is suffering from pain, swelling and bruising to her head, face and body. Hospital officials say she is in good condition.

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Funeral To Be Held Friday For Wilhite and McNeil

BUFFALO (WGRZ)-The funerals to remember the four victims of Saturday's shooting rampage at the City Grill have begun, and Reverend Pridgen pleads with community for a confession.

At the service, Reverend Pridgen said, "if by tomorrow this coward does not come forward...or we don't find him, or her, or whoever it is, I'm going to put my money where my mouth is. We'll put a reward out."

A service was held for Danyell Mackin Thursday at the Durham Memorial A.M.E. Zion Church. Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown was among those in attendance.

Governor David Paterson also sent a letter that was read at Thursday mornings' service. In the letter, Paterson referred to Mackin as a devoted husband and father.

Read the full letter from Governor Paterson