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What is Occupy? OWS Visits Buffalo

What is Occupy? OWS Visits Buffalo

"There need be no blood-shed or violence, and there shall be none unless it be forced upon the national authority. The power confided to me will be used to hold, occupy, and possess the property and places belonging to the government, and to collect the duties and imposts; but beyond what may be necessary for these objects, there will be no invasion, no using of force against or among the people anywhere." 

- Abraham Lincoln Inaugural Address 1861, prior to The Civil War.

February 2012: Occupy Wall Street NYC visits Occupy Buffalo. The following interviews educate one on "What is Occupy?" from various perspectives of four people continuously active within "Occupy."  Through their experience, education, and advocacy; Occupy can be seen not only as a "movement", but as global transformation.


Buffalo Police Investigate School Bus Accident

BUFFALO, NY--  Buffalo Police are investigating an accident involving a school bus with children on it.

The accident happened around 2:30pm at Pembroke and Grider in Buffalo.

Investigators say a car hit the school bus, causing the bus to  hit a guardrail.

The driver of the car was taken to the hospital by an ambulance.

None of the 30 children on the school bus were hurt and were put on another bus.

No charges have been filed.


Common Council Report for February 7, 2012


Meeting Summary


FEBRUARY 7, 2012


License Plate Readers for Buffalo Parking Enforcement

  Parking enforcement officers in the city of Buffalo will start using license plate readers to check for scofflaws and other violators in March.

  Parking Commissioner Kevin Helfer says six of the units will be purchased for about $125,000 to help the enforcement unit scan numerous license plates while cruising city streets. Helfer says they can quickly help spot un-registered vehicles or vehicles owned by drivers who do not have proper insurance. In addition they can locate stolen vehicles or help police as they seek vehicles related to crimes. The city police have used the readers for the past six years.

  City Council President Richard Fontana says the readers will only be used to scan vehicles actually on the street. He says it should help reduce the major problem of cars driven by people without insurance.     

Grand Jury Indicts 9 in Buffalo Drug Trafficking Scheme

BUFFALO, NY--  Nine people were arrested in a drug raid in Buffalo Thursday morning. 

WEB EXTRA: Click here to read the indictment

The U.S. Attorney's WNY office and DEA say a federal grand jury has returned a 33 count Indictment charging Theresa Anderson, 58, of Buffalo, and eight others with participating in a drug enterprise allegedly operating for over ten years.

The indictment says Anderson and some members of her immediate family and close friends were involved in drug trafficking on two streets in Buffalo over the past 10 years.

Investigators say Theresa Anderson was the alleged leader of the group who obtained and supplied quantities of cocaine to other members of the organization, who then sold the cocaine on Swinburne and Deshler Streets in the City of Buffalo.

Audio Interview with Author Greg Witul on Corpus Christi Church

Audio Interview with Author Greg Witul on Corpus Christi Church

On February 6th, I interviewed Greg Witul about his new book “Adorned in Light: The Stained Glass of Corpus Christi Church” via telephone.

The official book launch is this comming Sunday at Corpus Christi Church after the 11:30am Mass. There will be a brief talk in the church about the book and a signing will take place afterward in the church’s Kolbe Center. For more info, click here—> 

Arrest Made in Guilford Street Shooting

BUFFALO, NY - Emotions ran high in Buffalo City Court Thursday as the family of an NFTA bus driver showed up in court at the arraignment of the man who is accused of shooting him.

Buffalo Police arrested Joshua J. Mitchell, 24, of Buffalo, in connection with the shooting death of Brian G. Chapman Jr.

Chapman was shot on the front porch of his residence in the 300 block of Guilford Street just before 5:00 a.m. Wednesday morning. He was rushed to Erie County Medical Center, but died as a result of his injuries. He was apparently on his porch awaiting a ride to work when he was shot.

Mitchell was charged with murder and two felony weapons counts, including a charge for having been previously convicted of a crime, in 2007.