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Police Seek Person Who Mailed Murdered Cab Driver's License | News

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Police Seek Person Who Mailed Murdered Cab Driver's License

BUFFALO, NY -- Buffalo Police are trying to find out who found the driver's license belonging to a murdered Airport Taxi cab driver, and where that license was found. 

Homicide detectives were called out Wednesday morning to the 700 block of Norfolk near Kensington on the city's east side after a co-worker discovered the body of 55-year-old Mazen Abdallah of Buffalo.

"He was found by a fellow cab operator," says Chief Dennis Richards with the Buffalo Police Department. "What we've seen, oftentimes, cabbies come to each others' assistance when there's trouble or they go missing."

Police say a good samaritan dropped Abdallah's license into the mail, perhaps not realizing the significance of the find at the time. The license was contained in a brown leather-and-plastic wallet insert. 

Investigators are asking that person to come forward to tell them where the license was found and mailed.

Detectives are also reaching out to witnesses who may have seen a white Lincoln Town Car with the number "57" on it Wednesday between 5 and 7 a.m.

A woman who works at a daycare next to the crime scene told 2 On Your Side it was difficult getting her children to the bus stop because investigators told them they could not walk in the snow as detectives collected evidence.

"All the kids that's in the daycare, they're very confused and not knowing what's going on, and it's scary," said Trina Washington. "They keep telling the kids do not walk on the snow and they're confused on why they can't walk on the snow or why they have to keep their hands to the sides, so it's scary to not be able to tell my kids what's going on is very scary."

With all of the police cars in the area, the bus stop location had to change, but Washington got her children there without a problem.

Demetrius Moore works for another cab company in Buffalo both as a driver and a manager. He rushed to the scene thinking one of his drivers was shot. When he got there, he found out the victim did not work for him at Buffalo Transportation. Moore says he thinks about his safety every day.

"I myself was just involved in a situation. It's a dangerous business, but it's no different than the average pedestrian walking down the street. I always tell somebody, if somebody wants to do something, they're gonna do it, you know. Whether it's in a cab, whether it's in a store, or walking down the street," says Moore.

Moore adds that to protect yourself as a cab driver, you can put shields or security cameras in your car.

Buffalo Police did not say whether they are looking for a single suspect or a group of suspects.  They also say that there's no indication Abdallah was targetted.


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