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Mayor Brown Close to Problem Property Demolition Goal | News

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Mayor Brown Close to Problem Property Demolition Goal

BUFFALO, NY -- The property vacancy rate in the queen city stands at 16 percent. There's been a push by the Brown Administration to bring dilapidated boarded up properties to the ground. Especially so people living in Buffalo neighborhoods can have piece of mind.

Helen Paulini's home is sandwiched between a vacant property and a house being rehabilitated.

"Something has to be done we can't live like this," Paulini said. " It's not fair to us, it's not fair to our family, and our children.""

Progress over the years has been made Since 2006, 4,725 properties have been demolished,1400 have been rehabilitated and an additional 250 will be brought to the ground this year. On top of that, 50 additional properties could be demolished, depending on if funds in the city budget give.

"It's a public safety issue that has to be addressed," Brendan Mehaffy said.

Clearing out vacant properties has been a priority, as crews participate in regular 'city clean sweeps.'

The struggle is finding how to pay for it after millions in state funding was cut off.

"That allows us to do a thousand demolitions in one year," Mehaffy said. "When that money dried up, we had to do demolitions with what's available to us."

It cost up to $20,000 dollars to demolish a vacant residential structure and $300,000 dollars to tear down a commercial property.

Eventually, the goal is to bring new life to these areas, converting problem property lots into community gardens.

Its progress resident's hope will continue to move forward --so more people will invest and move in.


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