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Elmwood-Bidwell Farmers Market Lists Weekend Attractions

Coming Saturday, September 18, to the Elmwood-Bidwell Farmers Market: A beer brewing demonstration with Community Beer Works, and wine-tasting courtesy of Schultze Vineyards & Winery and Leonard Oakes Estate Winery! Feed Your Soul will also be touring the Market with Chef Steven Gedra of Bistro Europa. Sounds like the makings of a memorable day!

Down on the Farm: Seasonal Changes Coming!

Things are winding down for fall. Or perhaps they’re winding up! If you drive by the hoophouse this week, you’ll notice that it’s pretty empty. Gone are the tomatillos, cucumbers, pole beans, okra, and most of the tomatoes and peppers. What we are doing now is shifting into crops that will winter over in the hoophouse.

This week we planted spinach, lettuce, radishes, carrots, kale, mustard, collards, peas, swiss chard and turnips. Some of these (like the mustard) were planted in the boxes outside and some (most) were planted in the hoophouse. Some of these crops are experiments to see if I can plant them this late and still get something worth harvesting.

I know the lettuce, spinach, radishes and turnips will be harvestable. I’ve done those outside in cold frames before. I’ve not planted the others this late before… but I’ve not had a hoophouse before, either. We’ll see what happens.

The Matt Urban Center's Urban Farm Is Up & Running

The Matt Urban Center's Anna Walentynowicz Apartments Tenants Association, at 185 Rother in East Buffalo, has been busy working on their urban agriculture farm project. This project is helping provide our East Buffalo residents with access to healthy foods. Our tenants are growing fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers. These items are being grown on raised beds in back of our building (lots are on Sycamore). The goal is to show our tenants how to grow their own healthy, safe and affordable food.