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Buffalo Mass Mob Invites His Holiness, Pope Francis to Buffalo in 2015 | Community Spirit

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Buffalo Mass Mob Invites His Holiness, Pope Francis to Buffalo in 2015
Buffalo Mass Mob Invites His Holiness, Pope Francis to Buffalo in 2015

The Buffalo Mass Mob has sent an invitation to His Holiness, Pope Francis to come to Buffalo when he visits the United States in 2015. The group hopes that the Pontiff will accept, and attend one of the Mass Mobs they have planned next year.

The Mass Mob movement has drawn attention to struggling parishes in Buffalo and nearly two dozen cities around the United States. The concept is simple. Organizers invite the faithful and nonfaithful alike, via social media and the internet, to attend a Sunday Mass at a chosen church. The last Buffalo Mass Mob attracted 1,000 people to Assumption Church in the Black Rock neighborhood. Drawing inspiration from Buffalo, Mass Mobbing has caught on in other cities across the country, and attracted attention internationally. The New York Times carried a front page story on the movement in October, highlighting Buffalo.

A Buffalo Mass Mob organizer, Greg Witul, said, “If the Pope came to Buffalo, it would be historic and a spiritual boost to the whole Niagara Frontier. Western New York has been home to Saints and Blesseds, and has seen a Miracle accredited to Blessed Mary Angela Truszkowski, but a sitting Pope has never visited the area.” Organizer Alan Oberst added, “Our beloved Pope is so engaging, he even has Protestants intrigued by Catholicism. Our Diocese is soon to launch a campaign called ‘Catholics, Come Home.’ The Buffalo Mass Mob has shined a light on the potential for new media to reintroduce the faithful to struggling parishes. At many levels our atmosphere seems charged for renewal. Imagine the fire that would be ignited here by even the prospect of His Holiness communing with us.”

Having glimpsed the power of social media to engage the church in the last year, the Buffalo Mass Mob believes the most effective invitation to this social-media savvy Pope would be a collective one from all Western New Yorkers. We can all visit his Twitter and Facebook accounts, and use the hashtag #ComeToBuffaloPopeFrancis and invite him.

Twitter and Facebook addresses for His Holiness, Pope Francis, are:



The Buffalo Mass Mob was established in 2013 as way to draw attention to Buffalo’s many historic, but often struggling, city churches. For more information on the Buffalo Mass Mob, please visit www.BuffaloMassMob.org.

Picture of letter sent attached.


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