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Church Opens Vintage Shop in the Broadway Market | News

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Church Opens Vintage Shop in the Broadway Market
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Church Opens Vintage Shop in the Broadway Market

Corpus Christi Church is pleased to announce the opening of The Corpus Christi Shop in the Broadway Market, selling one-of-a-kind treasures from glassware and dishes to a large selection of collectable and vintage jewelry. In addition, The Shop specializes in many hard-to-find antique and vintage textiles and linens for both your holiday table and everyday use. The Shop, which is staffed and operated by volunteers, is open from 9:00a.m. - 2:00p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.

Since 2005, the church has hosted a table at the Broadway Market during the Easter Season, and more recently during the Christmas Fair. What began as an informational booth evolved into also selling wreaths and seasonal plants. Church organist Bruce Woody further expanded the church's fundraising efforts by incorporating handmade, panoramic Easter eggs, vintage linens and decorative homegoods into their sale offerings. Woody saw the booth as a way to engage the public in visiting Corpus Christi, which is a "stone's throw" from the Broadway Market, while creating a revenue stream to help pay for heat, electricity and other maintenance at the church.

All merchandise in the Corpus Christi Shop is donated by parishioners and other supporters. 100% of profits goes directly to support church maintenance.

As an added bonus, the Corpus Christi Shop is currently featuring a Santa Window display of mechanical figures in the picture window on the Lombard Street side of the Broadway Market. The Santa in the window is from a Sears Store in Chicago, Illinois ca.1953, and the elves are from a Sears Store in Newark, New Jersey ca. 1943. The four girl figures are from former Sibley's displays in Buffalo. A restored, early 20th century Nativity set is also in the window display.

As Bruce Woody noted, "My family and I are always at our best when we are with each other and our Corpus Christi Family, and when we are involved with anything to do with Corpus Christi and the Broadway Market. We always feel at home on Buffalo's East side, and we know for a fact that new and better times are ahead for that area and for our church. We want to be part of it . . . . We just want to help."

It has been nearly seven years since the Pauline Order assumed leadership at Corpus Christi Church, saving the parish from near certain closing, and beginning a period of new vitality for the beloved landmark on the East Side of Buffalo. Since then, the parish has undertaken a number of initiatives to expand its welcome to all Western New Yorkers. This historic house of worship has also spearheaded a variety of high-profile fundraising activities to underwrite the meticulous, historic restoration of the 101-year-old church. At the same time, the parish must manage the less exciting, yet essential, ongoing maintenance costs that are typical for an enormous structure of the church's age and size. The Corpus Christi Shop is the latest in a series of projects that aim to keep this landmark alive and well for generations to come.

For more information on this and other Corpus Christi events, visit http://www.corpuschristibuffalo.org.

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