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Buffalo CarShare Motoring to New Neighborhoods

BUFFALO, NY-The non-profit group that offers people an alternative to owning a car is adding more vehicles to its fleet and expanding to new neighborhoods.

Buffalo CarShare is adding a 6-passenger Mazda 5, as well as a hybrid Toyota Prius to their offerings. Their fleet now totals ten cars and a truck.

The three new hubs being launched this week are:

-at Elmwood and Lafayette at the Lafayette Presbyterian Church

-at the Quaker Bonnet Bakery on Chenango (near Rhode Island behind the Firehouse)

-at the Canisius Parking Garage on Jefferson near the Delavan NFTA station

Buffalo CarShare members reserve cars as needed and pay by the hour. Insurance and gas are included in the price.


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Saturday Night Shooting in Buffalo

BUFFALO-One man is in critical condition after a late-night shooting at Sattler Ave.

Ferry-Fillmore officers were called to the first block of Sattler Ave. on 11:30 pm on Saturday night. Police say that Spencer Cowart, 23, was shot in the upper body area.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Confidential TIPCALL Line at 847-2255.

Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown Trying To Recoup $2M In Health Benefits Paid For Dead Workers

BUFFALO, NY - When they tell you that retiring from a city job comes with permanent health benefits, in some cases they're not kidding.

A new audit conducted by Buffalo City Comptroller Andrew SanFilippo reveals that the city is mistakenly paying health benefits for more than 150 deceased former city employees.

The error has cost taxpayers about $2 million, most of it coming in the last two years, SanFilippo said.

"We can sit there and allow two million dollars to just walk out the door for no reason, and we have the ability to prevent it," SanFilippo said. "That's a big deal."

The city is now trying to get the money back.

Homicide Victim Identified

BUFFALO, NY -Buffalo Police have released the name of the victim shot and killed on Durham Street early Thursday morning.

Lawrence Bradberry, 30, of East Utica was found shot inside a parked car.

The incident was the second of two shootings that took place on Thursday.

The first took place just after 3:30 Thursday morning at Walden and Harmonia on the city's east side.

Buffalo police say the 30-year-old James Clemons was shot while sitting in a parked car. He was driven to ECMC in a private car and is currently in critical condition. Detectives are looking into the possibility that some type of argument took place right before the shooting.

Then, at about 6:15  Bradbery was shot on Durham Street near Litchfield Avenue, also on the east side. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Buffalo Homicide detectives are working to see if the two incidents are connected.

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Keeping Kids Safe Topic of Saturday Forum

BUFFALO, NY-"No Child Left Behind: Where is Yours?" is a panel discussion and community forum on how to keep teens safe from violence, drugs and sex and on a path to success.

It will take place on Saturday, August 14th from 2-4 PM at the JFK Community Center located at 114 Hickory Street.

Panels of community leadrs and teens will discuss the challenges teens face, tackling such questions as how boys in single-parent homes learn t be men, how to keep young girls from becoming teen moms, where parents can turn for help, and who makes up the "village" that raises each child.

The event is sponsored by the Buffalo Association of Black Journalists, the YWCA of WNY and the Stop the Violence Coalition.

Ways 2 Save: Erie County Fair

HAMBURG, N.Y. - The Erie County Fair opens Wednesday afternoon and it is Channel 2 Day. That means, $2 for parking, $2 for tickets and $2 for midway rides.

In some cases you can save up to three bucks beforehand, by buying pre-sale tickets at Tops.

Getting to the fair can actually be pretty inexpensive. On certain days there's a free shuttle.

"On Saturdays and Sundays you can park at Erie Community College South on Southwestern Boulevard and they'll drive you, drop you off right at gate one," said Holly Smyczynski, Marketing Coordinator at the Erie County Fair.

And with that we started our journey to savings.

We first found some ride deals.

"Every weekday, Wednesday through Friday and next Monday through Friday we have one price ride days," said Smyczynski.

A ride pass for those days is only $20 with a Tops register receipt, a $5 savings.

The Famous Chicken comes to the Bisons Game!

On August 21, 2010 get ready for some fowl fun, The Famous Chicken makes his annual appearance at the ballpark and no one is safe...umpires, opponents...EVEN YOU!

Game starts at 5:35 pm and tickets can be purchased by clicking here.